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 Drama teacher


 about me 

I am  a professionally-trained actor and experienced teacher for children of all ages. I have taught drama across multiple performing arts schools including Stagecoach, Razzmatazz, Perform, The Young Pro School of Acting (YPS of Acting) as well as private teaching. I am passionate about delivering thorough and positive lessons. I enjoy exploring strong characters and specialise in physical theatre. I have also assisted in directing many musicals and plays for performing arts schools of ages 6-18.

I have also been working with young children in children's entertainment for the past 9 years and so I am very comfortable working with young/ early ages/stages.


Particularly, this past year when life was a little uncertain, I have been focusing on creating high energy and positive sessions. I have taught multiple drama lessons during the pandemic so I feel comfortable with following government guidelines (one way systems, regularly reminding to sanitise etc) regarding COVID-19.


Deciding to focus on my teaching roles has allowed me to be entirely reliable and adaptable. 

Additionally, in regards to location, I am based in Hertfordshire and I am very used to travelling all around London and Surrey for various teaching and children’s entertainment jobs. I am also available for online teaching.


I  studied acting at the prestigious Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. 

I have worked professionally for Film and Theatre, working on various professional film sets and production companies such as Peracals Productions, Pi Productions and Pinewood studios.

I originated in the theatre and even toured theatres as a rep with companies such as Instinct Theatre, performing in spaces such as “Leicester Square Theatre”, "Southwark Playhouse" and “The Kings Head Theatre”.





Stagecoach Chertsey   |   Performing Arts School |   2021 - Present  |   Drama Teacher 

YPS of Acting    |  Acting Drama School   |   2019 - Present   |  Acting coach 

Razzamatazz Rickmansworth   |  Performing Arts School  |   2018-2019  |   Drama Teacher Cover 

Pauline Quirke  |  Performing Arts School  |   2018  |   Drama Teacher Cover 

Private Teaching 

Workshops and TIE 

All Ages  |  Monologue work |   2018- Present  |  Acting Coach 

Ages 11 - 18  |   Classical and Modern Text |   2018 - Present  |  Acting Coach

All ages   |   Acting for screen / script work    |   2019- Present   |   Acting Coach

YPS of Acting    |   Acting Drama School   |   2020 - present   | Ongoing specialised masterclasses | Acting Coach 

YPS of Acting    |   Acting Drama School   |   2021   | Summer School | Acting Coach 

YPS of Acting    |   Acting Drama School   |   2020  |   Workshop specialist ( Physical Theatre / Movement, Comedy, Directing for devising)

YPS of Acting    |   Acting Drama School   |   2020   | Summer School | Acting Coach 

Instinct Theatre   |   Theatre Company   |   2015  |   Shakespeare TIE School Tour


Stagecoach, YPS of Acting, Perform | Drama Teacher Training 

Italia Conti Academy Of Theatre Arts   |   Acting ​

Facciocose | Physical Theatre Training 

Director's Cut Theatre | Acting

LAMDA Coach | Acting

Urdang | dance internship 

 Special Skills 

A passionate and skilled field for Marina is Physical Theatre and comedy through movement, these were explored in drama school at "Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts" and further explored in her training with “Facciocose", here she has received focused training on all areas of physical theatre including the methods of “Jacques Lecoq”.

Marina is a trained and skilled aerialist. With over two years of training and experience with establishments such as “My Gravity Fitness and Dance," “Flying Fantastic," as well as her own at home studio.  

For further detail on acting background and credits, visit my acting CV below.  

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