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Height: 5"6   |   Eye Colour: Brown  |   Hair Colour: Brown | Greek Cypriot 

Marina Tapakoudes is a professionally-trained actor. Her vast experience in physical theatre and bubbly demeanour helps her master comedic roles with skill and authenticity.


She studied acting at the prestigious Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. 

She has worked professionally for Film and Theatre, recently focusing her attention on her screen opportunities having worked on various professional film sets and production companies such as Peracals Productions, Pi Productions and Pinewood studios.


Marina's background is in theatre and even toured theatres as a rep with companies such as Instinct Theatre, performing in spaces such as “Leicester Square Theatre”, "Southwark Playhouse" and “The Kings Head Theatre”.


Marina is a trained aerialist, with particular skills in aerial hoop. Acrobatics are now a part of her performance repertoire.


Marina is also a trained singer who has been previously cast in professional singing roles.



Director's Cut Theatre  |   SHOWCASE |   2022  |   Duologue 

Director's Cut Theatre  |   SHOWCASE |   2021  |   Scene


Director's Cut Theatre  |   SHOWCASE |   2019  |   Physical Theatre Monologue

Peracals Productions Ltd. Kings Head Theatre   |   GOD-THE UNTOLD STORY  |   2018  |  Various /Lead Actor

Instinct Theatre   |   LYSISTRATA R&D  |   2016  |   Lead / Chorus Member

Instinct Theatre  | NO EXIT   |   2015  |   Estelle Lead Actor


Mockumenatary series and workshop development  | Pinguism |  2020-present |  Cult member Pingarina Lead actor 


Director's Cut Theatre  |  SECRETS OF SOLITUDE  |   2020 |  Lead Actor

Wordy Productions Ltd  |   INCBLOOD   |   2018 - present  |  Maria Lead Actor

Peracals Productions |   DEJA VU  |   2018  |   Lead Actor

AAPENN |  CLOUD NINE   |   2018  Steph Lead Actor

Pi Productions / Pinewood studios  |   EYE ON THE PRIZE   |   2016  |   Presenter

BC Productions   |   OXBLOOD   |   2016  |   Audrey Lead Actor


Making  Pictures   |  Casavo |   2022 |  Millennial  Lead Talent

Jam Pictures   |  ALLERGAN  |   2017  |   Lead Actor

DSTRKT   |  THE WOLF OF RUPERD STREET  |   2013  |   Supporting Actor

Think Big Production  |   LEGACY  |   2013  |   Extra

 Training & Workshops 

Italia Conti Academy Of Theatre Arts   |   Acting ​

Facciocose | Physical Theatre Training 

Director's Cut Theatre | Acting

LAMDA Coach | Acting

Urdang | dance internship 

 Special Skills 

A passionate and skilled field for Marina is Physical Theatre and comedy through movement, these were explored in drama school at "Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts" and further explored in her training with “Facciocose", here she has received focused training on all areas of physical theatre including the methods of “Jacques Lecoq”.


Marina is a trained singer, previously cast in singing roles.

Marina is a trained and skilled aerialist. With over two years of training and experience with establishments such as “My Gravity Fitness and Dance," “Flying Fantastic," as well as her own at home studio.  

Click CV below to view more special skills.

View Full Spotlight CV and showreel. 

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